Wednesday, 18 March 2015

A blanket in blue

I was asked to make a blanket for a baby boy in blues. I thought this would be an easy task. Alas it turned out to be more difficult than I thought. 
I prefer to use stylecraft special Dk yarn for baby blankets because it wears well. It is soft and it has a wide range of colours. That being the case, I went online to purchase some blue yarn. I got all available blues that seemed to go together. Being adventurous I decided to try adding some greens that look like blue. When they arrived I got started on organising them in different ways to try and find the right combination.

Having made my choice I started on the blanket using the waffle stitch

Unfortunately although I loved the look and feel of it, it just did not work. 

The colours were not blending together as well as I thought 

So sadly I put this one aside and started another using a pattern I found online at 

The chosen pattern was very easy.

I got bored with just one blue tone so I added another blue to keep it interesting. Hopefully I did not make a mistake by doing that. I'm due to hand it over tomorrow 

I kept the border simple in order to keep the interest on the Lacey pattern. The blanket texture is light but very warm. I would love to see this made in white. It would be gorgeousnesses redefined.

Finally I return

Wow it has been nearly a year since I blogged. The second half of 2014 was eventful with holiday a loss in the family to mention but a few. I lost my will for crochet infact I think I did not touch my crochet between June and December 2014. In September 2014 I got a request for a blanket for a baby boy but my heart was not in the right place to get it done. I finally got started on it in January I used attic24's pattern for it. 

I chose different colours to her suggestion but it still came out lovely. I also createdy own more substantial border. 

When I handed over this blanket, I was asked to make two more. One in blues and one in pink and white. 

Monday, 9 June 2014

Just a quickie...

My total sum  of crochet today is non existent today. Well not really non existent just minuscule. 
I have been busy but also feeling tired so all I have done is this 

The good thing is I met a couple of ladies who work for Harris hospice care whilst crocheting in the car.. I was charging my phone so thought may as well crochet whilst I a wait... Anyway this unknown blanket which I am already imagining looking amazing will be passed to them for a fundraising raffle once it is done. Expected size will be big enough to cover a double bed comfortably. Total number of squares ....250 is the number that keep coming into my head. 

Friday, 30 May 2014

Onwards with better drive

Greetings I cannot believe that I have not posted since January especially when blogging has been simplified😳 
I am well and the knitting fever has disappeared for now. Before it did I managed to make a few hats 

and socks.
Fell in love with knitting socks. I had always thought that it was a hard thing to make but it turned out that they are extremely easy.

I also started a cardigan for my niece 

But I am now back to crochet. I have a drive to clear as much of my yarn stash as I can in this year. To achieve this I have been making and gifting afghans. I started with my nieces and nephews 
My aim has been to try maintaining the yarn colours used for each family 

The above were completed by Christmas. The next 2 were completed by the end of march 
This blanket was an absolute pleasure to make and the recipient one of my many nephews was extremely pleased with it. He insisted on his mother covering him with it the very night he had received it. It is a woven stitch found online via google search.
Prior to this I completed a blanket which I gifted to my older sister. It was made from yarn I had bought from Lidl. 
I am continuing with the making and gifting to my sisters. Once I'm done with them I will have to decide who I gift to next:) I have an idea but I would like to keep it secret. 
Here is a corner to corner also made for another of my sisters
The decision of who an afghan goes to is unknown to me when I start a project the idea tends to come to me as I sit there lost in the crochet rhythms. Suddenly it will come to me exactly who the afghan wants to go to and once that decision is made the process becomes more feverish and it becomes the case that I think of that person more when I am working on something for them. 
My favourite part of this afghan was the border. Love love love it very much. My sister tells me that every time she covers herself with it whilst watching tv, she ends up falling asleep because it is socomfortable  and warm.. 😂😂😂 made me laugh
This is not my most successful blogging but I will do better when I update you regarding other things I have been crocheting. I leave you with another picture of my corner to corner 

Monday, 6 January 2014

Starting mid sentence

I don't know what to say. I feel I am starting mid sentence because, my plans for the new year were for me to start with a crochet blog but what happens? It is going to be a knit one!!!! I don't know what has gotten into me!! I have been busy making plenty of lovely crochet stuff such as ...


Or maybe

But oh no I have been getting urges to make myself some fingerless mittens. I happened to see some knitted ones that looked so pretty I just had to give it a go. Before you ask, yes I can knit and no I don't like knitting - it's too slow for me :)D 
But I went bought some double pointed needles and pulled out some variegated yarn. I have looked up plenty of patterns but none seem to make sense so I decided to just go with the flow. No I have never successfully used double pointed needles. I have never shaped fingers and thumbs. Oh well.. Let the experiment begin.. 
This is what I have so far

As I work away I am thinking it needs a hat!!!! NOOOOOooooo!!!!!! Save me from myself!!!!!

I have a Facebook CAL that I have joined and I have an item to complete by the end of the month. Each row is taking ages!!! That is cause it is big. Maybe that is why I am procrastinating with knitting 
Before I get back to it, check out my current CAL. From the stitch along with us Facebook group. They are lovely in the group you should join us with your projects if you wish

It is a drop in the pond afghan which is proving to be massive. Will tell u more in a separate blog next week.
Have a lovely week

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Crochet hiatus..

Have you ever had one? A crochet hiatus that is.. When nothing you want to make seems right; you start a project only to frog it; You look at your pattern books looking for inspiration but find nothing... What do you do in such a situation?
I made a lovely circular ripple blanket
and it appears to have taken all my inspiration or is it the baby blanket I made for a work colleagues granddaughter?
Or maybe the rushed little bag i just had to make the day I finished the blanket. Simply because I just had to feel that pattern flow through my fingers.

I know not, from whence the stagnation comes. All I know is that it is. I am now going to try and work out how to get over it. I have plenty of yarn..

For those who read my blog you may have seen how much yarn i have. If I did not blog about it let me know and I will enlighten you. 
So if yarn is not the issue what is? I recently discovered walking.??

Moves is an absolutely wonderful free iphone app that is helping me fulfil my 10,000 steps a day 
I am spending so much time in my head space surrounded by beautiful scenery
my creative side should be full of inspiration but oh no...nothing is good enough. I sit, I wait, I hope and I look for inspiration hopefully it will come soon.  In the mean time I will browse some of my crochet books looking for inspiration...
Here is to hoping that my inspiration will return. I yearn to create; to express; to share; I shall. Most definitely I will.